Bitter sweet

Anusha got down from the bus and walked briskly. It was 7pm, Her in-laws sat down for dinner at sharp 8pm whether she came late from office, kids not well whatever. Her thoughts went to her husband of 10 years, they were going to complete 10 years the next day and she wanted to make the day special, but how?

Naveen in the bus too was heading home, it would take him another half an hour to reach home. He cursed the traffic jam, he really had to reach home early, he had to help his son with his science project. ‘Its our wedding anniversary next Sunday, how to make it special?’, he thought.

Anusha meanwhile had reached home, as she opened the door, she saw the drawing-room in a disarray and her heart sank, this meant the maid had taken a holiday and she dreaded to enter the kitchen.

‘The maid didn’t come?’, she asked her mother in law

‘Hmm’, she replied busy playing solitaire.

She changed and ran to the kitchen, while she kept the Dal and the potatoes to cook in the Pressure cooker, she attacked the kitchen sink.

It was while she was washing the utensils that Shree her 5-year-old daughter sauntered by, ‘Aayi, I have English test tomorrow’

And Anusha’s heart sank. ‘Go bring your English text here, I will teach you here while I cook.’

‘But Aayi, Aaji taught me, I was just informing you,’ Shree said and ran away.

Anusha heaved a sigh of relief. Her M-i-l was a kaamchor when it came to housework but was very particular with her grandchildren. She did not have any qualms while in the office regarding the children. The house may be in a mess but the children would be dressed well, fed well and taught well too.

By 8 she dinner was ready and Anusha called her in-laws and the children. Her M-i-l said’ Oops I forgot to take my medicine’.

And Anusha broke down. She had had a rough day coupled with that the hurry in making dinner and she yelled,’ Alright now you will wait for 30 minutes by that time the rotis will be cold and you will ask me to heat it up again, but I won’t do it, you do it today’, she said and went to the bedroom.

‘Why should I do. Thirty years I have slogged in the kitchen, I won’t do it now. You reheat and give me’, the mil retorted.

Naveen heard it all while climbing the steps to their home and sighed. Anusha was in an important project right now, so he understood her irritation but only if she was a little patient and only if Aayi was cooperative. At that time an idea came to his mind, the perfect gift for his wife and an end to the war at home.

Later at night he discussed with his father,’Baba the new flat will be ready in 2 months I am thinking of shifting with Anusha and the kids there’

‘I have been thinking on similar lines Naveen, it will be better if you all go, the everyday war is getting on to me too,’ said Baba.

And so the next day on their 10th wedding anniversary they both touched the elders feet.And Naveen broke the news.

‘What’, screamed Anusha, ‘who will remind Aayi to take her medicines, what about Shree and Satya, won’t they miss their grandparents’

And Aayi screamed, ‘And what will Anusha do when she has a migraine, you know her migraine does not go until I oil massage her hair. Who will take the children out for their games?’

‘Yes, who?’, screamed both.

While Baba and Naveen shrank back.

Women, can anyone understand them?

12 thoughts on “Bitter sweet

  1. This is really sweet…My MIL used to tell me arguments and small fights happen only when there is really love and concern for each other. Otherwise t would be indifference and cold war. What say?

  2. Perfect ending! Can anyone understand women? But it really would help them if they moved out if it was a real situation. No matter how noble the underlying intentions, no one can put up with daily squabbling. They would perhaps live more lovingly that way :). And, the first point you brought up is so true too. I also wondered what new can I do on my anniversary? My husband asks what do you want? And I don’t seem to want anything :). How do we actually celebrate anything with something new these days?

    • I suppose after the initial euphoria is over, there are no real needs of gifts etc. Just the thought that someone is there with you gives a lot of comfort, confidence, peace etc. As to new, what new can be done year after year 😛

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