I am shocked beyond words. When I read this news, for some moments I went numb. It is shocking when we read such news but in my case more so if it is a fellow Indian going through such pain.

I don’t know the background of ‘this story’. Was there a marital conflict, was he really stressed out? I just know the pain that the woman is going through and that a young life was nipped in the bud.

I have a propensity that when I am agitated the tone of my voice goes up. And my husband, the wise one, the calm one; asks me ‘is this why you were given a good education?’. Meaning that education helps you to be rational, to think, to be balanced.

But then I see this well educated people committing suicide, getting murderous, I wonder, what went wrong. But then who knows the vagaries of the human mind?

We teach our kids to be achievers. In Vizag on my vacation this year I saw kids in the 8th-9th standard getting coached for IIT entrance. I learnt that kids in second and third standard are being taught both State and CBSE syllabus so that it would be easy later on for entrance to professional colleges.

But are we able to teach some morals, some basics, do we teach them ‘Who am I really?’

Success, failure are a part of life as is death, illness, deception. Why is life to be measured in the amount of money we have made.

At the end when we leave this body there is nothing left but the love of those who matter most to us.

Forgive me if I am incoherent but I am too saddened by this news and yet I want everyone to read this post and this news.

16 thoughts on “Shocked

  1. This is sad.. we dont know what has happened and what goes on in the mind, I am just thinking how much duress he was under to have thrwon his son first..

    makes me very sad ..a kid died thats the worst .. really sad

    • There are three categories of expat Indians mami. One who has come for money, the second who has come for fun and the third who is in between and is the most vulnerable.
      And psychiatrist don’t come cheap Mami, not at least here

  2. really sad indeed.Many are unable to cope with the stress of life and go for short cuts with out realising how it is going to affect others.

  3. It is indeed tragic that a life is lost so early, but education can only go to a certain length. I hope the family is given privacy and their marital conflict isn’t brought to the fore.

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