Never forget

On Saturday I was putting my clothes to dry on the terrace. It was a breezy day; the sun was playing hide and seek amidst the clouds,a helicopter was flying above; I was hanging a cloth when  my right foot stuck an elevation in front of me and I fell. And then I sat and cried. I was hurt but more than the hurt I cried for a life which though is independent; will never be normal again. I will always have to walk with my head bowed down, I will always have to read with the paper held near, I will always have problem distinguishing faces. And although I should have got adjusted to my status by now; it still hurts. I am never allowed to forget that now I come in the class of visually impaired.

We live in constant fear too. Every now and then I check my sight. I peep through the peephole to check whether I can see. I try to read billboards far away. Sometimes I wonder what we are afraid of really? The fact that my tumor may recur, the fact that I may go completely blind or the fact that every visit to the OT makes our pocket a lot lighter.


In our school days we see so many dreams, plan so much – want to do this; want to do that. But as we grow all those dreams and plans are forgotten. In the rush to build careers and homes, all the tiny things that give us immense pleasure are forgotten.

I feel as soon as we come in the bracket of 35+, we should start catching up on those dreams. By that age most  of us have achieved something in our careers and at home too. Do something which gives you pleasure, do something which you always wanted to do.  Plan your retirement too.

When I was in Mysore for my graduation I used to help out two blind students who were doing their B.A. It was nothing much; sometimes help them cross the road, dictate notes etc. And I had dreamt that one day I will do something for the visually challenged people. I believe that what I am going through today is God’s way to show me what the blind need. And I believe someday I will be able to do something for people like me.

I plan too; not only for my retirement days but also for a life beyond that. But that will be a post for another day and another site.

Never forget what you used to dream about.

14 thoughts on “Never forget

  1. Aww Bhagya, that was a sweet way of reiterating your dreams and aspirations. Yes, only those who go through pain and fear can understand it. You will definitely do your mite for the visually impaired. Huggggggs.

  2. Thought-provoking post! Caught in the routine of life, running and running like hell, our own dreams and aspirations take a backseat. Am I realizing them through spending time with my dog or through my reading or writing? I don’t know. Perhaps…

  3. I could read this post only with tears in my eye.I know how it hurts. My husband also has problem with his vision as his peripheral vision is poor. Doc has told there is no deterioration since it started , hope he will be able to mange himself. I pray to God to help the visually impairesd I have decided to donate my eyes. This is what I can do .
    i am unable to visit here frequently because of power cuts and work pressure. take care Bhagya…God is great.

    • Somethings just happen Chitra, there is no reason for why it happens. And yes eye donation is a very wise decision, it will help 2 persons.
      I know how busy you are, so it is okay, visit whenever u can

  4. we take things for granted..

    and I totally agree never forget that dream. But life sometimes plays cruel jokes on us , wish it was a tad easy ..

    you take care and I am sure it will all be fine ..

  5. What a wonderful reminder post to stop for a while and think of things we’ve always wanted to do but have somehow forgotten in the rush of our daily lives.

    I am sure you’ll be able to fulfill your dreams and will be fine too.

    Hope you bounce back soon and please take care of yourself.


  6. You say it so convincingly it sticks. It really does. Sometimes I worry I will lose my dreams, get caught in the crowd, or get lost in a maze. I do not want to lose my dreams… this little post reiterates that thought. Thank you. 🙂

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