She came from work in a foul mood. He asked what happened?

She said, ‘Can’t I do anything my way, why always one should conform to procedures? A person may do anything her way, isn’t it?’

And then proceeded to say, ‘ Why have you folded the newspaper that way. It isn’t neat, see the inner sheets are coming out’


The kid is lying down and watching TV when the father says, ‘Don’t watch TV like that it will hurt your eye alignment and proceeds to recline on the coach to watch it.


‘I hate Mrs. so and so, she is so bitchy’ and proceeds to gossip about the newly weds.


I hate R she always compares her kid to mine and then proceed to tell my kid, ‘Look at R’s kid she always gets 100%, why can’t you?


I work a day for an organization which works for abused women. ‘Aarti (my maid) why are you late today, so what if your kid is sick, you must be on time to work.’


Kids today, survive on burgers, chips and fizz, I say and then because I am lazy, order a pizza


Aren’t we all guilty of these?

Note: These are fictional incidents.

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