Travel Tales-I

Airports, railways stations, bus stops are stations of life’s teachings. So many things can be learnt just by siting in a corner and watching people. Trust faith, adjustments all can be learnt on travels but yes, you do need to have an open mind.


‘Malayalee aano?’, aย  man asked me while I was waiting for boarding call. I could see that he needed to file a form. I got irritated. ‘No’, I said and moved away. I get very irritated by this question. In the Gulf every other person belongs to Kerala and Bahrain is often joked to be an extension of Kerala albeit separated by a sea. Many locals who have dealt with Keralites since decades now speak Malayalam, signboards are in Malayalam, caution notices on the road are in Malyalam and whenever I step into a shop because of my looks, I am asked, ‘Malayalee anno?’. I get irritated. Why can’t they learn to speak English or Hindi, I ask myself.

There is another cause of my anger. They flock with their own, if there are vacancies in the place they work, they fill them with their own. shopkeepers have special prices for their own, etc etc etc.

So I moved away. After some time I returned to find a boy of about 9 years, helping the man with the form, speaking Malayalam. He didn’t look Malayalee. After they finished, the boy took a stroll and I met him and asked, ‘You are not from Kerala, so how do you speak Malayalam?’

‘Who doesn’t know Malayalam in the Gulf’, he said with a smile,’ I am a Gujju by the way. He needed some help, I helped him, that’s all’, he said and walked away.

A fact put forth simply. And I stood there my head bowed down in shame.

20 thoughts on “Travel Tales-I

  1. Not really sure what to say – I guess sometimes we are blinded by our prejudices which is quite sad – A good life lesson for the readers too… I mean I for one have felt the same way as you have described abt this particular sect, I might have reacted the same way….I may think twice in the future though

  2. really they do that fill with own people, that is good and bad too.. good they are helping bad is they help only there own state people .. after all we are all indians but then that never happens ..

    waise a Punjabi will never help another punjabi no matter wht people say ๐Ÿ™‚

    but a good lesson learnt i guees.

    • Whatever prejudices may be, it should not stop us from helping anyone.
      We will never be Indians Bikram, we will always be Punjabis, malyalees, kannadigas et all. Whenever we go to a public place- a function or anything, there will be different groups. Why, I have never understood? And it irritates me

      • very true and that has been the problem with our nation always , i never hear anyone say they are indian its always gujju or punjbai or bengali alwaysss

        jo bhara nahin hai bhavoon se
        behti jisme rasdhaar nahin
        woh hridya nahin Pathar hai
        jisme swadesh ka pyar nahin

        jisme na nijh gaurav
        na nijh desh ka abhiman hai
        woh nar nahin hai mritak hai
        nira Passu ke samaan hai

      • Such beautiful lines!!
        Sad state of affairs. The pride that a British national has or a US citizen has over his/her motherland, when will such pride we have and most important when we will start considering ourselves as an Indian.

      • The answer to that is Never ๐Ÿ™‚ sorry but thats the truth.. I am sure i wrote this on someone’s blog too, yesterday around 1pm two fire engines came zooming in blue lights , a few houses down my house is a indian family , i saw smoke , So i walked down to find the mother and the young son coughing sitting out while the fire people did their job.

        Now this is middle of the afternoon. Lunch time lot of people out and about .. Other then Me there was NOT A SINGLE people who had come out of the house to enquire what was going on. Not even the neighbours .. such is what has happened to us how can we expect to be together.

        It was a small fire and quick response of the firebrigade saved the day otherwise it could have been worse.. but no one came out and there at at least 190+ houses on our road ..

      • U r right Bikram. But last year during the unrest here, Indians did get together albeit for a short time and then went their different paths ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Very sad really

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