I love

I love Summers because

  • My clothes dry fast, to that level of stiffness that I like
  • The days are long and so can be out in the evenings for as much time as one wants
  • The drone of the A/c dissolves any other noise
  • Can spend the least amount of time in the kitchen and can say that ‘the heat is too much; cannot prepare elaborate meals’. *wicked grin*
  • Can sleep well with the A/c on and the quilt on top. Ahhh, pure bliss

I love winters because

  • There is so much variety of vegetables to choose from that one can make elaborate meals
  • Nobody cares what you are actually wearing underneath the layers
  • Can have cozy get- to- gethers with friends in warm’ed homes and hot foods
  • Sleep is bliss in winters (I love my sleep)
  • Though the days are short, the nights are clear. Usually there is less of dust storms in winter

So why do you like your summer/winter?

16 thoughts on “I love

  1. Interesting post Bhagya!
    I prefer winter to summer, usually. Other than the reasons you mentioned, winter comes without mosquitoes and dust, sweat and grime. Then, I love Christmas. What fun would it be if it came during summer? Also, the sun-bathing. Pure bliss!
    About summer – I adore mangoes! The whirring of the fan and the AC, the quiet afternoons…

  2. honestly, Chennaites wont really find summer exciting! what with the heat, heat waves, power cuts, humidity and a never ending list of what nots!! Winter (or whatever we have of it)is far better

  3. I prefer summers here in UK , long daysssssss sun sets around 10pm 11pm , have so much to do and see the beautiful country side here …

    But i love winters in india the bonfires , the garam garam chai, the sugar canes .. and so miuch of love and friendssssssssssssssss

  4. I am with you on all points except the cooking bit in summers, because I actually hate winters for that reason and baking can be quite a torcher in the heat 😑
    I love summers for Mangoes and winters for the fun of hot food (both cooking and eating wise πŸ˜€ )

  5. Hate summer for the power cuts and sweaty nights when the AC decides to play the truant…Love the winters of Hyderabad!!!By the way all the points that u have put down are right!

  6. I love this fact “Nobody cares what you are actually wearing underneath the layers” about winter so much πŸ˜‰ my fave though is monsoon πŸ™‚

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