To my son-a repost

Re-posting an old poem of mine:

To My Son

My Son
An Extension of me,
With skin as soft as butter
And a Voice that warms my heart
Your cuddle that fulfils me
Your kiss that makes me yearn

The crinkle of your eyes
When you smile
Your mischievousness
Your laugh
everything has made your wait worthy

With you I discover life anew
The twitter of the birds
The thunder of the clouds
The twinkling of the stars
The warmth of the sun

The fun in building blocks
The fun in climbing the sofa
The fun of stomping of feet
The fun in blowing a water bubble
Everything so new so fresh

With you I take baby steps
Discover new joys
New surprises
Everything so enjoyable
So very perfect

You are my breath
My lifeline
My essence
The mere reason of my survival,
My soul, My son……

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