We were meeting after a long time. There was a lot to share, lot to talk. Earlier when we were teenagers we used to talk about boys. ThenΒ  we used to talk about jobs. And now….

Before having a child I had resolved that while in a group I won’t talk about my child. It had been my observation that we mothers tend to talk only about our kids which tends to be a heartache for the ‘non’ mothers.

And so until we talked generally I was an active participant, until the talk turned to kids.

Anecdotes, brags, worries all followed. I kept mum serving them snacks and tea.

‘Advait colors beautifully, sometimes I am wonder-struck as to how he got that talent because we two were never into any art, ‘ said one

‘That is wonderful, my Nisha has wonderful memory; she never forgets anything’, said another.

‘ Aryan runs so fast, I am sure he will go into athletics’, said the third.

‘What about you’, asked the first one to me, ‘your son is a loner I know’, she said making a long face.

‘My son loves mathematics, he is so good with numbers you know, I am searching for some abacus trainer…………….blah blah blah.


*fictitious but aren’t we mothers like that πŸ˜›

14 thoughts on “Mothers!!

  1. Ha ha ha ha… so very true Reema! More than my Mom, my nani always makes sure her granddaughter is the brightest star that shines in any gathering. Sweethearts, all Moms are. πŸ˜€

  2. I rememebr the day when I sue to go with my grand-dad or grand mother to parties .. When it came to sports they had so many stories to tell and show off but studies was a strict no no πŸ™‚ for them

    Moms – dads- parents are wonderful and beautiful alll of them

  3. Very interesting and very true. All mothers are like. Howsoever much they try to stay aloof, they can’t. This is what being a mother is all about. in fact by praising their child is a matter of pride and honour for them, because a child is good in anything because of his mother, we mothers think so.

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