J & J-life’s like that?


When Jatin finally came to the bedroom, he was relaxed. It had been a good day. He had acheived his targets at office and at home, though apprehensive with is mother away, it had been pleasant. He smiled as he remembered Jassi cutting up roundels to make the prefect shaped roti. In fact the days had been surprisingly  pleasant.

But then he became sombre. Was marriage supposed to be like this? No he had never fallen in love, nor did he have any girlfriends,  he was not gay. Then what was he? He often wondered about that.

His parents had divorced when he was a teenager. They had been in the US for about 4 years then. When he had needed his father the most; he had not been with him. He had seen his mother defeated, yet taking his responsibility. Sometimes he had felt guilty  because if he had not been there, his mother could have been carefree, enjoyed her life alone but no. She had been in her 30′s single with a teenaged son quietly carrying on her roles as a mom.

It had not been any different when his father was staying with them. He had always  been out of the house while his mother had carried on the home front.

It seems that they had never been compatible. The marriage had been forced on them. While his mother had adjusted and accepted the situation and had tried to make a success of the marriage. His father had never been able to reconcile.

So, was his situation any better. Jatin thought. His mother had not forced him to marry Jassy. So why was he backing up now, were his father’s genes acting up now?

Jassy was in her own turmoil. Everything was so different here. Leave the outside world, everything was different inside the home too. In her place all spoke in hearty tones; cracking jokes, back slapping each other but here Aunty and Jatin spoke in such a prim and proper manner that sometimes she had difficulty in hearing them. And then everything had its place and had to be kept accordingly too. You just could not lie down on the couch or sit cross-legged on the chair. You just could not relax in this home.  And Jatin was such a mystery.  How was she supposed to live in such a place for the next 40-50 years.

And the worst part was there was no one to talk to. If only at this time, her mother had been alive…………………


to be continued


11 thoughts on “J & J-life’s like that?

  1. You know what struck me? “You just could not relax in this home…” Gosh. That would be such a sad, strained life. I really like the way the characters are being developed. Continue soon, Reema! 🙂

  2. Hey very good Bhagya. You have perfectly built their backgrounds, showing how each is right in their place! Isn’t that just how life is? Each person from their point of view is correct. So, how does it flow from here?

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