Semi colon

What does a person who knows she/he is dying supposed to do?

Be happy or throw a tantrum-why me?

Carry on life as was doing hither to or introspect as to whether his/ her lifestyle was good.

Of course make a will if not made to earlier

But other than that what to do with the rest of the things. Like the extra clothes, books etc. I often find we cling on to things because we have some memories attached to them. But after we die, its foolish to think that the same sentiments will be attached to it by our kith and kin

No, I am perfectly fine but as I see many aged people in the family I  get all these thoughts.

We party and we slog through our youth for the perfect family, comforts, house etc, then we grow old, some let the next generation come forth, some don’t and cause additional heartache to themselves and the next. And some worry that why did we ever work so much; no one cares for us any more. And some don’t even get the love or respect they deserve.

And then there are those who know that their final moment is coming soon. What are they supposed to do?

I know somebody who knew that she was going and still kept on buying things.  When the person passed away, the family had a tough time disposing of things.

When my tumor had recurred and we came to know about it, I had thrown a tantrum.

I was scared that I may die in the OT

scared that I may come out alive but may lose my sight completely

Scared that no one will  remember me once I am gone. Which is a bit outrageous I know, but then after a person dies, of course we miss them  but then we do get used to not seeing them around, isn’t it?


I know this is a bit of a boring post and I had resolved to write posts which bring a smile but then sometimes you do need an out swinger.

In case you are wondering about the title….. death is a semi colon isn’t it, until you get a new body and a new life 🙂

12 thoughts on “Semi colon

  1. It is not a boring subject but an interesting one that we strangely avoid talking or thinking about.Birth is an accident while death is certain.They are the entry and exit points in the never ending cycle of birth and death till one succeeds in liberating.
    It is said that just before death, the entire life runs before mind like a flash.Of what use when we cannot alter or change ourselves.The knowledge of certain death I feel Makes people silent and turn inward with exceptions of course.That is the last chance to do good,to give to deserving and to repair the omissions,apologise for wrongs,forgive and make mind clutter free.Thinking of god at least at the fag end can do wonders.

    • He he…Birth is an accident and death is certain indeed. 😀
      This subject is interesting only to a certain set of people. Do ppl have time to talk of this amidst having a good time generally 😉
      I agree with what u said though

  2. Its not boring and as KP sir say this is the time to repair the omissions..but how many people do?..I see so many old woman who know that they may go anytime, still they are very rigid in their attiutde and still cling to material things, post and power in the family.

    Since I crossed 50 i always think about death and now I dont shop for more than I need and I make all efforts to be generous in words and deed to everyone.

  3. I don’t know what a person facing death should do? Definitely think about how to dispose of their assets I guess. I am not a religious person, so I would not be turning to God for sure :). And, I don’t believe in rebirth either, so death to me is a full stop or a period.

  4. Which means you believe in reincarnation. 🙂
    Well, If i was going to die, I would wish to die in the arms of the person I love.
    And I would wish my last days, months or years would be with Him and my parents.. I would want them to be around me, let me see them as much as I want, let me just be with them… 😦
    If I was going to die, there would be so many unfulfilled dreams.. I want to travel the world n see places.. But then, I just might turn into a wandering ghost to do that – he he he
    Well… why am I writing all this? I don’t know!!!
    Your post set me thinking…
    Take care, Reema..
    Take good care… of yourself..

  5. You set me thinking. Theoretically, I am somewhere in the middle of my life but I guess I will remember to donate my books and cameras to whomsoever they may interest when the closing moments come. Also, I believe death is more of a full stop than a semicolon.

    • Thats a good thought. Better to dispose of one’s possessions than the family bothering abt what to do with it.
      Abt the semi colon bit; it depends on whether u believe in rebirths or not.

  6. Hi, Thanks to KP Uncle, got to read this wonderful post.
    The topic for sure is not boring but people would choose not speak about it, more out fear I guess or is the greed to live? Imagine if all of us knew when we would going and the preparations we would have done!

    • I agree, the fear keeps them away from talking about it.
      But what we forget that the way we prepare ourselves for our future life, similarly we have to prepare for our after life too

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