Ghar ki murgi………*

I opened the door and came in the room, threw my bag and screamed.

I was feeling so wretched that it was imperative that I improve my mood somehow and what better way than a scream or maybe a few tears. But I liked the first option and screamed. And what a relief that was!!

I was feeling worthless.

The milk which I bought from the cold store guy was giving my kid; an upset stomach. And when I complain, the guy tells me how to keep milk and vegetables fresh.

Being the youngest in the family meant that I was still being treated like s child.

My acquaintances give me free advice which I hate.

When I do things my husband’s way he says-why didn’t you do it your way and if I do it my way; he says it was not good.

And my kid thinks mamma does not know anything. ‘Write it like this na’, I say. And he says,’Teacher says this is the correct way, you don’t know, mamma’

‘Pronounce it like this, sonny’ and he says, ‘B says like this and she is right’

I let out another scream.


I was scared. Teaching a five-year old was difficult and here I was getting ready to teach a group of 20 or so kids of different sizes. It was going to be an interactive session of spiritual sciences. Will I be able to pull it off? In the back of my mind I heard the sound of ‘Nays’ to the tune of ‘teri meri’.


At the end of the class I run to a senior to ask how I rated, she raised a thumbs-up, I heaved a sigh.


A day later I met a student’s mom. ‘Mataji, Iย  am trying to make her repeat what you taught, she says I don’t know how to pronounce, she says, mataji knows best.’

I grinned at her.


*Ghar ki murgi daal barabar is a saying in Hindi which means that a person’s worth is not valued in his /her own home.

10 thoughts on “Ghar ki murgi………*

    • He he. That and also the fact that someone looks up to you gives a sense of ‘belonging’ness which in turn gives a sense of satisfaction.
      BTW in ISKCON, all men are Prabhus and all women Matajis

    • HE he. I do not mind taking advise from family and friends Bikram but I was pissed off by someone who is always advising. The same person does not take anyone’s advise though.

  1. Good one, Mataji! Ghar ki murgi indeed is dal barabar because we take them for granted. Well, I tell my son. Your teacher does not know! This is the right way :). You know how firm I can be.

    • He he Kids usually think that we have never seen the insides of a classroom and so it takes them a bit of time to realize that their parents are not exactly ignorant.

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