DO ponder!!

‘Hiiiii, how come…..I mean, do you stay here….’

In the blazing sun, I squinted to place the woman in front of me. In the morning rush, in the midst of doing a hundred things, I hardly notice people around me.

‘Diya..’, I said. Some fifteen minutes later we were having coffee at a corner cafe.

‘You really are a housewife…I mean homemaker, why? Why did you stop working? Yes home is important but money too isn’t it? Why are you playing second fiddle to your husband. ‘ And she went on with her monologue.

For a minute I was ashamed of myself in front of this career woman. But then I shook myself. Am I really doing nothing. Home, classes, temple activities, on the pathย  to teach others, secretary to hubby, maid to son… am I really doing nothing?

Then I looked at her and was ashamed still further. Some 11 years back, my coordinator had sent her to me. ‘Arrey Reema, iska kuch kar’. (Reema please do something of her). A person with almost nil confidence, no subject knowledge, no etiquettes or dress sense, I had groomed her initially. If my grooming had not instilled understanding, compassion and insight; my grooming was a failure.

* fictitious but isn’t this the way we are. We become successful in our careers; we become self-centered and we think of everyone else as inferior, we stop understanding other’s viewpoint.

23 thoughts on “DO ponder!!

  1. veyr true.. when one becomes successful they forget their roots or where they started .. I know that feeling .. I get that a lot especially from people who i sponsored to come ot uk and do something in their lives, now that they earn a few more pounds then me they think they are better then me ..

    this is how the world goes

  2. very well said.There is no one model for all.To be a home maker,a careerist or manage both is a choice best left to individuals keeping in mind their unique circumstances.Diya’s comments betray a lack of understanding and perception.

  3. Very well said. This is usual attitude of working women towards the home makers! The worst is when you have to give explanations about the choices you have made in your life!

  4. At least, we are talking about this and showing indignation. Earlier, a homemaker was supposed to make a sorry face because she was not “working.” I usually have a wonderful comment in response to such women. I don’t let them get away :).

    • Yes. During mom’s gen a working woman was looked down upon.(see she is compromising on her home; that type of comments) and now it is entirely different.
      Do tell what comment u return. Will be helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. So true! It irks me no end when the homemakers are looked down upon and expected to give explanations! There was a time when I used to bothered by such fleeting judgments, now I just ignore them! They are not worth racking our mind and energy for!

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