‘Mamma, Are you busy?’, asked Sujay

‘Yes darling I am, but Mamma is never busy for you, tell me what you need?’, asked Sneha still staring at the email she was writing

‘You Mamma’, said Sujay

‘Huh’, she said and looked at her son. Tomato ketchup strewn all over the face, Sujay looked adorable.

She got up and looked at him and asked, ‘What were you eating?’

‘I wanted some potato chips with ketchup, but there are no chips so I had ketchup’.

Sneha looked at the kitchen counter. Half a bottle of ketchup had been devoured and she shuddered thinking about the consequences.

‘If you were hungry you should have asked me, I would have made something’.

‘But you are always so busy that I thought I should take care of myself.’

Sneha’s eyes filled over. It was not easy being a single parent. Not easy at all. But life does it give us everything? She looked at Sujay and saw a young man and not a 6-year-old that he was supposed to be. And that hurt a lot

Some 10 months back her ex husband had walked out of their marriage. No he did not love anyone else. It was just that he discovered he did not like any shackles. Not even the loving bond of a son. Escapist, she thought. From day one she had understood he was the one who liked responsibilities. But then why had she stayed with him for so long. Because she was a fool…. And this realization hurt a lot too.

So what does she do now? How to give her the love of a family to her son? She was working from home because she wanted to give him all her time but it was not working. Being a freelancer meant that she was working 24*7. So what to do?

Yes she could call her parents or in-laws, Yes her in -laws had stood by her but the point was she did not want to be dependent on them and there was also the fact that she was afraid that they would try to infringe on her freedom. So what to do?

On an impulse she spoke to both set of parents. Her parents were in their usual routine busy with their lives and their other grandchildren. The other parents were not that happy. They were lonely. The escapism of their son had shaken them up and also there were no other children to divert their attention. Yes they had an active life but sometimes betrayal of one’s own reduces the sheen of life.

It was then that an idea started taking shape.


Sneha shifted base to her in laws town. She took up a 9-5 job. Morning Sujay went to school and then stayed the afternoon at his grandparents. Evening she would pick him up and they would spend the rest of time doing everything together. For the moment all is fine but who has seen the future……….

(to be continued)

21 thoughts on “Cocoon

  1. It is nice of Sneha to retain relations with parents fo her ex and this seems to be a good arrangement though I am wondering what more you intend to reveal in your next part

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  3. The way you begin your stories is always direct, to the point and fascinating. I am hopping on to the next part…The title seems intriguing. More under the surface than above?

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