The Admirer

Some two years back when I was blogging at blogger, I had chanced upon Rachna at Rachna says. Liking her style of writing I had read most of her posts and I had been influenced so much that I had a dream about her one night. I had proceeded to email her about that dream and from then on it has been a wonderful ‘virtual’ journey.

I have been honored to be her guest blogger and here is the story-The Admirer that I wrote for her. Please do have a read.


19 thoughts on “The Admirer

  1. I remember that email very clearly. I was touched by your honesty and loved the compliments you gave me :). Even in that mail, you showed that rare ability of poking fun at your own adversity. I love that quality about you. By the way, you were the first blogger friend that I added on FB. In those days, I was choosy about the people I added on FB :). Hope that our friendship continues for a long, long time to come… And, I loved hosting you on my blog.

    • Thanks Rachna. I believe the best way to accept oneself is to look at oneself comically, like the characters in Archies or something like that. Its much easier that way.
      I am still apprehensive about fb but with you it’s OK 🙂

  2. I have read your story on RAchna’s blog. Will comment tooo . Now then she is such a lovely blogger and writes so nicely .. I am in awe of all.

    She asked me too and I did say I will but I have read two guest posts on her blog that Its making me wonder what have i got myself into how am i to write a post which is as good as the ones alreayd there .. I think i will be chickening out for sure

    • Oh yes she is a lovely blogger and a lovely person too.
      Don’t chicken out Mann. Each of us have different styles. Like if I am asked to write a general interest, current affairs topic, I will not be able to write but fiction, yes that is my genre. You write what you are comfortable with as you normally do by putting your heart and soul in it and for sure it will be a hit.

      • See Bhagya explained it so well; you are not chickening out, Bikram ). You have to do it. Like she said, each blogger is different, and your honesty and deep convictions shine through your posts. So, come on write a nice one! And thanks both of you for such lovely words.

  3. Loved the story! I tried to comment there but it keeps disappearing. Echoing everybody’s views. You tell stories so smoothly and never ever expected the ending of this one. Good on ya!

  4. Loved your story, Bhagyashree. Commented there but thought I would leave in a word on how much I enjoyed your narration–you kept me hooked till the end!

    • Welcome to SS Bhavana, and so glad that u liked the story. I try to weave stories around normal people with their normal circumstances. So happy that u liked it 🙂

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