‘Comfort’ tales

He rushed. Yes, it was already late. Somehow he had lost track of time observing the lady with pink ribbons. Yes the room might have been cleaned by now, The sheet on the bed without any creases. The pillows in place. He rushed inside and stretched below the cot. Ahhh, the room was still cool. The heat of the morning had still not taken off the coolness of the Air Conditioner. Now that he was settled, the mistress would not be able to shove him out of the room. Yes,Β  canines were good watchdogs but they also need some comforts.


*in loving memory of Pluto, my first canine friend.

20 thoughts on “‘Comfort’ tales

  1. My cat Goalie too does this! As soon as we open the bedroom door in the morning, she rushes in and hops on the bed to continue her sleep in better comfort!

    Nice one!

  2. How sweet! My Coco does not like a bed. But, he has his lovely box that is an enclosure handmade by my husband. He loves to stretch next to us wherever we are eating. I am going to give him a hug just now :).

  3. Hi Reema, I am just waiting to experience the joy of having a pet around. I don’t know when that will happen, but Godwilling, one day, I want to fulfill all my wishes, and experiencing the love of a pet is one of them.

  4. Bhagyashree,

    They do, yes, they do need comfort just like us humans. I can vouch for it as our dog looks for room where A/c is on so she can move there.

    Take care

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