Of musings….and what nots

I had hoped to

     bring a smile on faces

I had hoped

to change lives

I dreamt

of a revolution

And now I sigh and get up

to wash utensils


😛 What did you think, a rant of my unfulfilled dreams? Nah. :D.

26 thoughts on “Of musings….and what nots

  1. Bhagyashree,

    Hey, what has come over you? You are definitely contributing towards change without realizing it as your posts do make readers think. And of course washing utensils is a part of keeping neat & tidy house well, isn’t it? LOL.

    Take care

  2. Hi Bhagyashree, why tag it in nonsense? I think it does make a lot of sense. It is the reality of millions of women all over the world, who have not been able to give shape to their dreams and who have been stuck with domestic drudgery. We are lucky to be in a position to look at these things objectively from a distance, and perhaps laugh over it. But imagine, there are millions for whom this is a bitter reality. Well written piece.

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