Pining for a bag-less existence

As far as I remember I have always carried a bag. Either the school bag, college bag, the trendy ones which I used to take for work, the evening bags; the clutches, the totes….I have been in love with bags. At a point of time my sister used to joke that I would have to make a wardrobe for my bags.

And my bags were special too. No, I don’t mean that they were one of a kind but they held a lot. If we were going for a ride or a picnic, those with me were quite content if I was traveling with them. I mean there was no cause of worry because Reema’s bag had it all for any emergency. Crocin, tissues, sandwiches , you name it and it had it all. No doubt my bags wore out very easily too.

But now my bags have become the real hand bag-handybag since I turned a mommy. As a new mom it had pampers, cream, etc. With passing time it has both versatility and weight. Yes weight, sometimes I bend at 45 degrees at the weight. For now I carry biscuits, wafers, water, tissue, wallet, comb, coloring book, crayon , diary, panadol , mobile etc. If anyone does snatch my bag, the person will be lost in the contents of my tote.

I envy the men who can put their wallet in one pocket, mobile in the other and go whistling in the wind without a worry about tissues or biscuits.

I do sometimes try not to carry my tote. But then once the prince wanted something to eatΒ  and the other time my CPR (ID) was needed and both the times I was asked,’Why didn’t you carry your tote?’

See my bag is so indispensable 😦 πŸ˜€

28 thoughts on “Pining for a bag-less existence

  1. Handbags are style statements.Show me the bag and I will tell you about the lady.The varieties of bags are mind boggling and I have seen young things having shortlisted half a dozen bags going crazy unable to decide upon one and settle finally for three.
    Yours is not a hand bag but a carry bag or to put it bluntly a hold all.lols
    Thanks Reema. I enjoyed the post

  2. YAyyyyyyyyy I am having a bag lesss experience everytime yooo hoooo πŸ™‚

    I dont carry a wallet too.. jsut got used to here now everything goes on a card and my warrant card has a place for one card , which has my debit card so no need of a wallet tooo

  3. hahaha….good one. I was thinking about writing a hand bag too last week, while going to work…about not getting the right kind of bag πŸ™‚ I know it’s a pain to carry heavy bags, but it helps…Yes, I am jealous of my husband who just carries a wallet and then throws his keys and glasses into my bag. And I yell, “What do you think? Is this a trash bag or what?” and he replies, “That’s why I let you buy bag of your choice.”..:)

    • oh yes, I too have to carry his ‘things’ and it is damn irritating. But then I wonder why he never gives me his walletto carry. *thinking, thinking* πŸ˜€

  4. You may feel temporarily relieved by its absence but you are going to miss it sooner than you think. I have been commuting for the last 12 years, albeit at different stations, and you’d be surprised at how much you’d recover out of my bag: a paperback or two, a camera, a water bottle, a stapler, pens of different colours, highlighters…. I can’t imagine life without it. Take them away from me and I am lost.

    • You got a point. In my case all 3 of us will be lost without my bag. In fact when we are traveling hubby will not even bother to check what all has been taken because he is quite sure that my bag will have all.

  5. Hey i can relate to this big time, since i became a mom carrying a big bag along has become a norm.
    But now, i’ve packed all the baby items in a small bag and i make hubby take that in his shoulder bag. So that at least on outings i can be free from the bag πŸ™‚

      • Oh it’s not that he is carrying a diaper bag or girlie bag, it’s basically a back pack & i have small separate bag for my daughter’s thing, i insert that into his back pack and we are ready for an outing together!!!
        if i am going alone then the small baby bag goes back to my big bag & i am ready for a solo outing with my daughter πŸ™‚

  6. Girl, I would have got a speeding ticket today. As I had few more mins to start, I just opened my email and starting reading this. I was almost late. But, wanted to read it before leaving πŸ˜›

  7. I cannot make do without my bag. I normally carry only one, have no patience to move stuff around from one to another. I don’t know how some women can have a dozen bags. I am too busy being a mom and working and bags and shoes are basically functional accessories for me :).

  8. I used to carry a handbag/ purse to office but for similar reason as yours I have started carrying a backpack, all stuff is pushed in πŸ™‚

    But yes I envy guys who come to office emoty hand and wallted in their pocket. But I know if I had to come that way I wud feel as if I have forgotten something important πŸ™‚

    • Yes on my few bagless expeditions, I have missed my bag or rather the contents of my bag πŸ™‚ I am thinking of carrying a backpack but then it doesn’t look good while sitting in the passenger seat of the car πŸ˜› Maybe when in India ….

  9. Oh I need my bag too to carry all kinds of nonsense from shopping bills to vouchers to scribbling pads to safety pins to desert-sand! And some important stuff as well. Precisely why, having loads of pockets is a major criterion while choosing a hand-bag! :). Somehow I cant step out of the house without my bag. If I happen to, by any chance, like Smita said, then its as though I have forgotten something very important!

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