Dialogue (revisited)

A post written in 2009 but which still holds true. 🙂 Enjoy.

Searching Self

On a rainy day that too a Sunday; a husband and a wife are sitting in a room idling away time. The wife is busy on the computer; the husband is …eyeing the computer.

Husband: what are you reading?
Wife: not of your interest

H: still?

W: A blog

H: Why do you read someone’s rant and rave?

W: why do you read Economic times, BusinessLine, Moneycontrol?

H: Those are different, I get different viewpoints

W: Same with blogs.

Silence for some time

H: Where are the kids?

W: Gone to play carrom at the neighbors?

H: They could have played here only

W: can you tolerate six high spirited teenagers.

Silence for some more time

H: What’s for lunch?

W: I thought of making a one pot meal.

H: A One pot what?


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