A piece of log

A piece of log I was,

One took me to make a boat

Another to chisel a form

The last made a cutting board

Three places I lie

Three ways I serve you

and yet you are dissatisfied .


We all are special, each has distinct qualities and yet we often forget our human ‘ness’. We forget that beneath our skin we are all the same,  we fight with each other on numerous issue.Sad isn’t it?

16 thoughts on “A piece of log

  1. Have you heard the song ‘do boonden sawan ki?’ It is an old song and compares two drops of water, two flowers and two friends, whose life takes different turns. It would indeed do us all good to remember that we are all the same.

  2. Bhagyashree,

    True, it is difficult to satisfy everyone. And what you say about our losing touch with being human is so correct.

    Take care

  3. A good thought but not wholly applicable to human.Are you shocked?Like the boat,the form and cutting board each one of us serve different purposes and are no more the wooden log.We are different in many ways according to vasanas.But I agree we need not fight with each other accepting the differences as they exist

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