Behind the glamour…….

Neha picked up a burrito and pushed it into her mouth. First time she had seen of these Spanish, Mexican, Italian food etc. Hither too it had always been Indian food. Neither her upbringing nor her salary allowed her to have any of the other fancy stuff. Talking about fancy stuffs, till now she had not even seen the insides of a 5 star.

‘Akka, enough,’ Megha her sister called out. ‘How much more you will stuff yourself? You will haveΒ  a stomach upset.’

‘Why shouldn’t I? I spent about Rs 8000 for this saree, Rs 2000 for the gift. Another 500 for the saloon to get ready. And in turn my budget for this month and the coming months is badly shaken. I am going to recover if not all at least some of it’.

Megha cringed in embarrassment.

It had so happened that Neha a dental assistant had met Chandru, a handsome hunk in his struggle days. He used to come to the clinic where she worked for aligning his teeth.Β  Well Neha too was attracted to him and kept him in good humor. It had so happened that Chandru became a block buster star and later ‘fell’ in love with a senior actor’s daughter. And when his marriage was fixed remembered theΒ  dentist and his assistant and invited them too.

‘Good opportunity, Neha to advertise about our clinic. I will be busy that day, so you go ahead and publicize. See that you dress best and show your shiny teeth’.

Well no one had seen her teeth yet in the reception. The teeth had been busy chewing.

‘I am going to claim,’ said she

‘What?’, asked Megha

‘All that I have spent on the food and getting ready business. And also the amount spent on the gift from the Doctor’, said Neha.

Megha groaned and looked the other way.

Later they went to meet the couple. Neha didn’t walk, she waddled. Megha in embarrassment walked five steps behind.

Chandru smiled and introduced her to his wife. Neha grinned showing her teeth(as instructed).

The new wife awed her teeth but looked at her bulge and called somebody. ‘Meet my personal trainer and my dietician’ and then shifted her attention to some other guests.

‘Why don’t you come to my gym. She 9(pointing to the dietician) will give you some tips and together we can give you a fab body’, said the trainer

‘Why don’t you too come to my clinic’, said Neha, ‘ your teeth need to be cleaned of nicotine stains….’

Megha went back further and further till she merged with he crowd.


*fictitious -inspired by the wedding oreception of Ram Charan and Upasana πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

20 thoughts on “Behind the glamour…….

    • He he. The amount of money that is spent at such events surprises me. Than I thought what will happen if aam aadmi is invited to such an event. And the story took birth. πŸ™‚

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