Tale of two friends

And while I am enjoying my break, here is a repost.

Searching Self


Sakhi was tidying up humming a tune. She was excited, happy and a bit anxious too. Meeting a friend after 20 yrs does make you anxious. Yes, she was meeting her childhood friend Anu after 20 yrs. They had been neighbors in their steel township of Bhilai, had studied in the same school, same Division, same college until finally they had got married and she had landed in Mumbai and Anu in Bhopal. And tomorrow they were meeting at the nearby Mall. She was ecstatic; it was as if a part of her childhood was returning to her. But what is this, she looked at her reflection in the mirror; her hair looked so lackluster, so many wrinkles on her face…….her son Kartik was right, she should regularly visit the saloon. Yes, she thought she just had to visit the saloon early morning tomorrow, else what will Anu…

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