The cycle of life

Years back:

It was a typical Sunday. The daughter silently edged towards the refrigerator. she knew there was a 5 star tucked in the side box of the freezer. She opened the box to see a chit; ‘I hope you remember that the Doctor has advised you not to eat chocolates-Dad’. She pouted, stamped her feet and left to her room.


The present:

It was a typical Sunday noon scene. The house was quiet. Everyone was either taking a nap or busy. He moved stealthily. His footsteps hardly making any sound. he opened the door of the cabinet too quietly. He was sure that the box in the right held the ladoos. He opened it quietly. There was a  note inside it; ‘Knew that you will be searching for the ladoos, moved it elsewhere’.

He threw away the chit, banged the cabinet door, stamped outside the kitchen. The wife sighed but what else could she do to control a diabetic husband.


The daughter. the silent witness chuckled and yet was sad.




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