Musings galore…

I am in limbo. Sometimes I wonder has the world changed or is it me.

What is development all about? Is developing meant to be highrise towers, shopping malls or is it about evolving as a human?

I may not be able to do justice to the medley of thoughts that I am undergoing right now but at least let me try to do put in words what the mind conjures.

Not so long ago, friendships were precious. Guests were treated like royalty. Means were limited but your objectives were not. You survived on limited clothing, which meant you also knew to mend a tear. Simple lives, simple needs.


Now there are a plethora of options. You can opt to wear a sari, jeans, skirt. you decide whether you want to cook in or lunch out.  Options, options…….

I like the fact that I do not have to sweat out the whole day in the kitchen. I have my mixer, microwave, and all the other gadgets to make life easy for me. I love  that I have the luxury to choose air travel. I love it that my opinion is counted upon even though I belong to the’ inferior’ sex.

Fut still something hurts………

Something has changed.

The fact that a simple necessity of life-water is so very precious now.

Faith is much more scarce now. No I am not talking of just  religion or spirituality. Faith in humanity, faith that even in so much of negativity goodness will thrive…..that is missing now

Selfishness is in abundance. Its more of I, me, myself.  where are we heading I sit and muse.

And then it hits me that all things change. When I see outside and see the buildings; I should not expect that people will remain the  same. People change, expectations change, lifestyles change. Its change that is constant.

Somewhere I too have changed. I have abandoned hopes of a lucrative career for a ‘homely’ life, a life dedicated to my beliefs, so how can I expect that everything around me will remain the same?



9 thoughts on “Musings galore…

  1. I love your thoughts, they resonate strongly with me as I too have found myself asking similar questions. I have would say you have changed, I too have changed.

    It’s like going through a paradigm shift and seeing life through new eyes. There is so much to say here…what says it all is that…you and I and everyone else in this planet are one in spirit. From this point life takes on a beautiful new meaning.

    Thank you for your lovely post.

  2. Loved how you managed to put your thoughts in words. Change is only constant my dear and it is not always how we want it. We can just hope that we are bale to find peace in whatever situation we are in.

  3. Glad to read such a thought provoking post which made me ponder for a few moments. Life has changed to such an extent that we do not even find time for such introspection. we have come a long way. In front of our eyes life keeps changing like a kaleidoscope. It’s continuous stream and we need to go with the flow. Keep moving.

  4. Bhagyashree,

    We have to pay price for advancement, specially technological ones. Where we need to advance, we have not. Like equality for all without any bias of caste, region or gender. Also we need to consolidate on our virtues which are fading with fast life.

    Take care

  5. True. Things change..people change, feelings change, our expectations change..with time..I too question many times..where are we heading to?

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