The woman with the smile

Shankar looked a this wife Kamla. Today he had no mood to go to his fields and work but will this woman let him sit at home? As if on cue she looked up and said, ‘Why, no mood to go to work? Go and I will bring your meal at the right time’.

Shankar got angry. This woman whom he had wedded when she was only 14, who did not dare  speaking to him… how could she command him like this?

‘Yes, I don’t feel like working in the fields today. So, it is my field and my wish…who are you to tell me what I should do?’

Kamla got up from where she had been washing utensils and said,’Who am I? I am your wife of 30 years. ,,,,And what will you do lazing around here…’

It was then that her mother-in-law intercepted,’ Let it be if he does not want to go today, let it be.’

‘LET IT BE!! You know what will happen. In no time he will be bored, then he will go visiting his friends and then after some time they will go to have a drink because their throats were parched because of all the talking and when night falls I will be off searching as to where he has all fallen down with all the drink he has had… Enough go and get ready’, she said. Shankar glared at her, she glared back. After 2 minutes he got up and left for the field.

Shankar’s  mother hid a smile. What Kamla  had said was true, Shankar did enjoy his drink too much. And that was the reason she had married of Shankar to a cute and complacent Kamla. She had hoped that her charms would have been enough to control  Shankar. But it had not. She remembered the turning point when the timid and shy Kamla had become the strong woman who she was now. Shankar had been hospitalised because he had had some poisoned Hooch.  From then on Kamla had run their lives. Overlooking the fields, raising two children, she had seen to it all. Today the fields had flourished, the two children had grown up well too. The daughter was running two balwadis in their district, the son was studying Agricultural engineering and most important, Shankar had survived and Kamla had seen to it that he never consumed any liquor.

It was then that the mobile rang. Kamla picked it up, saw who it was smiled and said,’ helllo…’

It must be the son, the old woman thought, yes this smile is ‘his smile’ she thought.


When I saw Swati’s photo post at the cyber nag. I was inspired and I just could not resist writing this post. Hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed dreaming thinking about what could be the reason for the lady’s mile.

18 thoughts on “The woman with the smile

    • In fact there are many. We generally look for achievers in sports,s science etc and laud appreciations. But there are so many Kamlas who work diligently for their family without any appreciation or rewards.

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