We live in duality

birth and death

happiness, grief

Sunshine and darkness.



We accomplish much more

And adjust so little

Crib so much

but accept so little

Talk so much

and understand so little

Is there prosperity now

or is it loneliness

These little ironies of life……….nowadays.

16 thoughts on “Nowadays

  1. Compared to what the earlier generation we seem to have more

    We have many rich comforts
    But still suffer from low contentment

    We are in plenty in wealth
    But our hearts have in size shrunk

    We have unbounded craving
    Our chase behind joy never ending

    We have education big and high
    Our values have become warped and dry

    We have our own well built spacious homes
    With our parents biding time at senior homes

    We have big and small temples all around
    But piety and devotion nowhere are found

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