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Searching Self

Radha was weeding with such a ferociousness which made the earthworms squirm.

For forty-five years Radha had been the undisputed queen of the home front. As a new bride she had a lot of apprehensions. The fact that she had a bossy, chauvinistic husband scared her more. But she had been a fast learner. And had learnt to manage the home beautifully, raised two kids and had even managed to tame the BOSS.

But now…..

After her husband’s retirement they had come down to stay in Ukkunagaram with their son who was working for the Steel Plant. They had arranged their son’s marriage and everything was going well. She still managed the home while her daughter in law managed herself and the kids. everything was going well until yesterday when her daughter in law -Shruti had screamed at her saying-Ammaji if you still insist on doing everything yourself when will I learn?

‘Huh as…

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    • Yes. Earlier when there were big joint families, each had their own roles. Now with nuclear families, one is often confused as to what really to do. If each found one’s own niche, it would be so very nice

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