What I learnt-II

I arranged the chair, the table.

Then the stand and the microphone.

Checked if it was working; it was.

A senior came in some time,

all fine, she asked.

Yes, I said

Proud that all was done,

all was working fine.


The teacher came,

the class began,

but the mike refused to work.

I looked in horror at the senior,

Unsure of what to do

how to fix the problem.


She smiled sweetly,

put it on another port,

Adjusted a few knobs

and all was fine.


Pride had a fall

and I became a fan of humility.



14 thoughts on “What I learnt-II

  1. Well we learn more from goof ups , I was once doing a sort of handover.. and forgot to switch off the mic after it finished .. and when i was editing it , I counted a lot of stuff I said had to put a lot of Beeps Beeps 🙂

  2. I don’t see pride here, Reema.. The first time I got on stage last year, to face 200-odd people – and first row of US and UK clients.. I froze.. that’s it. Right there. A couple of minutes later, I recovered, apologised and continued.. after that, it was good.. so yes, things like that happen..

  3. That must be mortifying. I remember the projector not working before a major presentation. What did I do? Sought help from a geeky male colleague. He had it fixed in a jiffy :). Humility is a great quality to have.

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