What I learnt V

Some thing always bothered me.

Like posh homes

of others that is,

And numerous other botheration.

But the classes I attended.

Made me focus on me.

What do I really want,

My real goal.

If I really ached for richness,

I would have minted enough by now,

Why didn’t I then?

My goal was never prosperity in notes

But prosperity of soul..

My aim was always self realisation,

So who was the interloper.

No one but me.

From my eyes everyone else was better

But I had to make myself better,

Compare I had to,

But not with others

But with me,



And with this I conclude this series.


20 thoughts on “What I learnt V

  1. I can totally, completely, absolutely relate to this Bhagya and I am actually doing this kind of introspection most of the time 😀
    Loved the series 😀

  2. Bhagyashree,

    There never is any peace of mind if we start comparing with others. One should strive hard to achieve what one wants but be happy with what one has. That is the only way one can have inner peace.

    Take care

  3. Looks like you enjoyed the classes and did learn something that you wanted. But I always wanted posh homes and cars, Bhagya 🙂 what to do? I want to be a better person too..
    hey, I wanted to say something. I don’t find a home button on your blog.. I felt it would be good if you can put it.

    • Each gets his/her answer if s/he searches for it Latha. Some day you will too. 🙂
      I am technically challenged Latha 😀 Don’t know how to add buttons, so changed themes 😛

      • Hey..I like this new color and look..looks pleasant to the eye and warm too 🙂 If you did change it for me, then thanks sooo much..:P Not that I didn’t like your older one, this one is even better..:) I always like bright colors, I think you know it by the dazzling colors of my blog.

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