I am a person who likes to plan everything beforehand. Even when we go out, I will finish the chores beforehand so that if I am tired on my return, I can relax.

And so it was that one Thursday evening we were going out and I was checking the contents of my son’s bag, when he said,’ Amma…’

‘Wait, let me check, we might be late coming back and then there will be not enough time to check in the morning’ And then proceeded to see if the pencils were sharpened.

‘But Amma…..’

‘Wait na chinna’.

‘WHAT WAIT?  HEAR HIM OUT FIRST’. You can guess who it was.

I dropped off the pencils, sat down cross legged and asked,’ tell me’,  with all my attention.

‘Amma tomorrow is Friday’.

I sighed, the hubby guffawed and the brat grinned. ( we have our weekly holiday here on Friday and not Sunday)

Well you understand how am I, don’t you?

Others let the clock guide them and for me the clock leads.

Everything has to be in time. I lead my life by the clock.

People laze around on holidays but me??I have to get up early if not I get a headache.

I have to eat on time otherwise…. I get a headache.

I can write on and on about how the clock leads my life but you would be bored.

Years back studying in Mysore and staying in the hostel, I would follow my routine. Revise daily that is whatever was taught was read, investigated and stored  in the database the same day. The day before exam would be spent reading magazines and sleeping early. Waking up (early), taking bath, have breakfast and then leave for college. No last-minute studies for me, no sir.

And so one night the corridor was full of girls revising. Some had put their tables out, some were walking and reading. And me?? I was in dreamland when there was a crash and then there was sound of girls  running.

Now there is another side of me which a few of you might be knowing.

People inherit jewels, property etc. I have inherited curiosity. My grandmother was always curious about what was happening in her surroundings. My mom was always curious about her kids. And me I am naturally curious about everything.

And so when there was this crash and the running. I was curious about the sounds. My roommate pulled me in, “there might be a ghost out there”, she said.

Well ghost stories were rampant in out lives. There were regular sessions of ghost stories and ‘spirit calling’.  ‘But I want to know what is happening out there’, I said and edged towards the door.

Not wanting to be left alone, she followed me with a bed-sheet around her head. For what, I do not know.

We looked at the whole length of the corridor. No one not even a ghost was there. And then I saw something and started laughing. My roommate also started laughing. There were two reactions. The ones who were peeping slammed the doors, the others.. started peeping. Both of us asked the others to come out and see the intruder.

The shell of a tender coconut was rolling around. Someone had drunk it and must have kept it on a desk. It had rolled down and that had been the noise. The girls busy with their studies had panicked at the noise and run without investigating.

So my habits of curiosity and timeliness had saved the day err night. If I had been studying along with the other girls, I too might have panicked that night.


18 thoughts on “Tick-Tock

  1. That Friday episode brought a smile.You inject lot of humour in your posts.
    While being methodical and orderly is a desirable attribute,any extreme adherence to time is no virtue.

  2. Bhagyashree,

    It is good habit to be organized but at the same time one should keep flexibility also in mind. Nice one about ghosts. This shows mindset of persons who just get scared without trying to find cause.

    Take care

  3. Hahaha…curious George…:) I didn’t live in a hostel for degree, but used to frequent the hostel rooms of my friends..and hear stories about the spirit calling for hours together. I wanted to play that game so soo badly, t never happened..:( good one, Bhagyasree.

  4. I am also too organized and a small upset in the schedule is enough to cause stress. Flexibility may help but ‘old habits die hard’:)

    • I like to sleep early and wake up early too. Hubby is the exact opposite. We have come to a stage where we sleep sometime which we are both comfortable with or just follow the brats timetable 😛

  5. YOu really were a type where “day before exam would be spent reading magazines and sleeping early.” ????? Whoa!!! That means every college in the country should have you giving guest lectures…Seriously!!! FUn read Bhagyashree! So do you get only one day off per week?

    • I have always been like that Jaish. My father would get hyper about it but then left me to myself.
      But now when I think back maybe if I had worked harder, I would have been ‘somebody’

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