Amita Nair, an ever smiling, bubbly person would always be surrounded with people. She was a natural HR person. A fact that Hridesh Joshi did not like. Hridesh is a silent guy in the finance department.

‘Why do you have to listen to everyone?’, he would say.

‘Because that is my job’, she would say.

Nisha a new entrant at the office found Hridesh’s attitude unbearable. And to add to the fury, the accounts department cut half a day’s salary because she came late to the office three times in a row. She protested but Hridesh said rules were rules and the accounts department looks at the logging in time before taking any decisions.

From that day whatever Hridesh said or did was wrong …in Nisha’s opinion.

And so the routine continues, Amita would pout and smile through the day, Hridesh would sulk and Nisha would fume.

All three left together from office one day. Hridesh asked Amita, ‘Madam shall I escort you to your home today’, with a dimple and a smile.

Amita grinned mischievously and said, ‘Sure, Sir’ and Hridesh left to get the car.

Nisha could not control herself and said, ‘How can you tolerate such a pompous buffoon.’

Amita laughed out loud and said, ‘Because that pompous buffoon has been my husband for the past 15 happy years.

25 thoughts on “Notions

  1. Bhagyashree,

    You proved it that opposites not only attract but live happily together and also that one should put brain in gear before opening mouth.

    Take care

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