Just like that

The overhead tank had overflowed

The entrance to our building was flooded.

I wanted to step inside but a bike blocked my way

I told the biker; park it on the side

He refused.

You go from the other side; he said

I fumed but did not say anything

As I had to go out again.

There was seepage on the hall wall,

I gave a complaint

A man was sent to repair it.

And lo it was the same biker.

I glared at him and then left the scene.

Came back on hearing drilling sounds

He was drilling a hole .

You are destroying my hall I said

How else do I drain the water, he said.

.Bas bahar jaoo I said ( enough get out)

BAHAR JAO; I screamed

And woke up from my dream 😀


Yes people I am indeed insane 😛

26 thoughts on “Just like that

  1. Bhagyashree,

    Thank God it was a dream. Otherwise I was thinking you might let him have it. Some dreams do make you laugh later.

    Take care

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