For the one in pain

For a dear one who is going through pain…

What do I say!!

I can’t take away your pain,

I can’t give you solace.


I know how it feels,

The rumble in the stomach,

the quickening of heartbeats

Tightening in the chest

The dull mornings

The dark evenings…

I know it all

As I too have passed through it.

What can I say,

You are at a  stage where in

everything hurts you,

Words, presence.

What can I do

So just a reminder,

you are not alone

I am with you

And so are the many

who pass through this pain.


I am there for you

Call me, scream at me

I will be there with you

Whenever you need me.

9 thoughts on “For the one in pain

  1. Oh this is very searing-how we wish we could erase the pain our loved ones experience but we can do nothing–except of course what you have so profoundly expressed.It pains to see our own in pain.

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