I smile at some kids playing on their PSPs. However much you ask them not to bring such things they find out ways to bring them.

I go near them. They are so engrossed that they do not notice me. I snatch it and ask, what is 15 times 15. They fumble, give me wrong answers and then from the inside pocket of his jacket, one boy takes out his mobile, types in and then tells me 225. And then I proceed to confiscate that too πŸ™‚

Long back when Papa had asked me such questions out of the blue, I would frantically try to remember. If I could not, I would mentally multiply and tell him. But that is the power of human mind. It adjusts to situations. Today when you ask such questions to kids, they take out their latest gadgets to do their work. If they do not have those, maybe they will also try to use their brains.

I rarely feel the limitations of my visibility. So used I am to my limitations, that I proceed as if all is normal. A third person may wonder why I always walk with my head down. Or why I do not notice people on my sides. I rarely see myself in the mirror, it is always sense and touch. It is only when I am asked to do certain jobs and I tell them that I can’t because of such and such reason that they gasp. And I am very sure many do not believe too.

But the point is the wonderful capacity of the mind, the intelligence to accept a situation if one is willing

I am not saying that I am great. I know I am no better than a blade of grass. But the mind….you give it a task and it accepts. Again willingness matters.

So often we let our prejudices, our notions blind us and do not allow ourselves to learn anything new, to broaden our horizons. So very sad, isn’t it? Life is so short and there is so much to do and we let our self-pity, our judgements to override us.

12 thoughts on “MISH-MASH

  1. Yes, our brain is not activated much nowadays. When I was working, our Assembly section had some blind employees. Their output was nearly double than others. They were ‘no cell phone’ days. If outsiders wanted to contact employees they had to call the telephone in the section admin room. I was handling that. One blind person used to get calls often. He was doing some business and he was asking the caller to come to a certain bus stop and meet him! I used to admire this person a lot! A very decent person too.

    I started using a neighbour’s landline phone after I finished my schooling!

  2. “Life is so short and there is so much to do and we let our self-pity, our judgements to override us.” Truly said and applicable to all

      • reallyyyyyy???? the other way round for me..I don’t read many blogs that have this black back ground as it’s too hard for me..I was planning to copy paste your post in a word document and read it 😦

  3. Very true Bhagyashree … the exposure is so much that you have to find way to actually make them use their brain … and good to have a template just for you πŸ™‚

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