I wonder


Cookies, cup cakes, fruit cakes,

Recipes galore.

Shoppers haven,

Crowd in malls.

I sit quiet

amidst the chaos,

Bleeding heart,

Numb thoughts.

Festivals are bonding times

But see what we do.

Throttle emotions,

Break bodies

Is this what we are heading to?

is it really festive times at all?

6 thoughts on “I wonder

  1. True throttled emotions,broken bodies,and violated spirit do not go with festive times,nay,at all times.You have captured the poignant mood in these few lines

  2. Bhagyashree,

    This is so true. In our race for supremacy we seem to have forgotten the real spirit behind these festivals. Touches the heart.

    Take care

    PS : Could not say anything on previous 2 posts as comments were not being accepted it seems. Mish Mash is really thought provoking. Neighbors is what is factual these days at many places.

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