Year end musings

It has been my norm to have a post stringing all the blogs that I like, the ones whom I have discovered and loved into a post at the year-end. You can check here and here. But this time it is not so.

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          Thinking Me

You may say why so. Haven’t I discovered any new blogs or have I stopped liking the old ones. Nothing like that. Though there are very good writers now, I feel there has been a change in the blogosphere, it is more commercial less emotional now. But then those are my feelings entirely.

2012 personally has been very good. Touch wood. The reason why Searching Self was created has been fulfilled. My inner demons lay calm and my thoughts have a direction. I know finally where my happiness lies. And to know that has been wonderful.

For the past year or so since my discovery has channelized, I was  living in mixed emotions. I like to write but I was afraid that my spiritual side if it comes on this blog space, might not be appreciated.  I was afraid of losing the few readers that I do have.

Often we live life in fear. Afraid of taking any risk. And I am no exception.

But then now I have come to the point to understand that it is not about readership or the choice of the readers… it is about me and what I really want. So if writing something against the norms gives me happiness, I will be doing just that. Yes, maybe the upward spikes in readership may reverse, my old faithfuls may leave me but then there is the option that I will be meeting some one new. 🙂

It is not that I will turn to a recluse but just that there is so much to study that there is hardly any time. I will still write but then it will be laced with what I learn. 😀

Keep smiling, Stay fit and be yourself.

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35 thoughts on “Year end musings

  1. I totally understand and my dear Bhagyashree! What you write will be straight from your heart and so there will be no chance of losing any readers! 🙂 Happy 2013 ahead 🙂

  2. I like what you write and am an avid follower.Blog is a medium to express yourself and your thoughts and not what pleases others.If others like,it is an incidental outcome.
    Season’s greetings and happy new year.

  3. Hi
    Enjoy and keep writing and there are some loyal followers. We’ll keep meeting here.I have made some resolutions for new year. Now I have to keep myself committed.

  4. I also thought that I should write for my readers & because I was not doing so – I only got few reader..:P.But From this year on, I decided I will write what I wanted to.For what I made the blog for.
    Hope I keep up to it.
    Best wishes to you on your resolutions 🙂
    & Merry X’mas

  5. Bhagyashree,

    Don’t you dare even think of absconding from here. This is your QUEENDOM where you write what you wish to and how you wish to. Those who do not understand can do what they feel like.

    Take care

  6. i ALWAYS believe that this is your blog and you should do what you want how you want when you want always ..

    I recently got a couple of comments from someone on a old old post calling me names .. I just smiled and laughed ..

    and be here always you will always find me HERE reading what you write ALWAYSsssssssssssssssss

  7. Having gone through some of the introspection about blogs and blogging, I agree with you. When we write, it should come from the heart. Sometimes, we grow inwardly and that reflects in our writing too. Readerships and virtual friendships are so often mirages that it is futile to let them dictate our lives. I will be an avid reader of whatever you write, Bhagya!

  8. I have felt the disillusionment as well. But there are so many more positive people than the negative. And it makes more sense to dwell in the good than the bad. I agree with the philosophy. My blog is always about me and what I want to write and feature. It is never about readership or the number of comments though I am grateful for everyone who reads what I write and interact with me. Blogging is fun. And, you will always have a reader in me :). Wish you happy holidays and a happy new year.

    • Thank you Rachna. By nature I seek positivity. So I hardly take notice of the bad. But this year end has been shocking. Both in the real world as well as virtual.
      Anyway the post was more about the fact that from now on SS will lead a pristine path 🙂

  9. Bhagya…read this post..just not getting the time to reply…just gave a glance at all the links…should bookmark this page to check all of them… 🙂 happy new year to you!!

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