Me and my family

I rang the bell a couple of times and when no one opened the door, I pushed it open. It was open indeed. I moved inside to see the TV running on low volume and the wife sobbing. Images of kids having an acccident or someone dying in the family conjured in my mind.

‘What happened? why are you crying?’, I screamed.

‘Pihu, she got kidnapped’, she said pointing to the TV screen.

Woman Watching Tv

I let out a sigh. My Transcriptionist wife, Meena who works odd hours is addicted to TV soaps. And when one knows half a dozen languages, the list of shows that can be watched runs long.

I left her to her tears and went inside, Ajay our son was still in his school uniform. Meena had obviously not changed his clothes neither had he bothered to change himself. ‘ So how was your day?’ I asked while I changed his dress, he started off telling me with, who all were absent in his ‘UKG-B’ that day.

I had come to pick some papers which I had forgotten to take to the office. But it looked as if I had to cook that day or order in. Otherwise Ajay would stay hungry. But then I thought to check out in the kitchen. Just then I saw the daughter sitting in the balcony reading. ‘Kavi, you did not go to school today?’, I asked. ‘No Papa, this novel is so interesting that I thought of finishing it today’. That’s my daughter. She is ten and addicted to M & B ( or whichever romance they read these days) I tell you people everyone except Ajay are insane in this family. ‘Papa, why is this lady standing like this,’ he said pointing to the cover page of Vogue. I let out a sigh. No, no one in this family is sane, all have their quirks.

I moved to the kitchen. Thankfully Meena had prepared lunch. I made Ajay leave his magazine and Kavita her novel and we sat down to have lunch. Just then Meena came, ‘How can you eat when Pihu has been kidnapped’, she asked.

‘You can fast and mourn for her but we have to eat’, I said.

The mobile rang. It was a customer. I kept it on speaker and answered it.Β  ‘Mr. Sarangi, you are late in your delivery of the product’, he said.

‘But you asked for some modifications and those will take some time….’

The argument went on, the lunch got cold again, I started sweating. I have diabetes, I have to eat on time. Meena snatched my phone, ‘Can my husband have his lunch in time, he needs to eat to keep his energy up’

Kavita snatched the phone and added, ‘If he gets sick, who will take care of him, YOU?? My mom is busy always with her work and TV and’

‘I will come and punch you like BATMAN’, Ajay added

‘Don’t know about the delivery or whether the client will stay with our company but my family…..quirky it might be but it stays together.


And that people is my 400th post. Thank you for being with me so far and hope you will continue to be πŸ˜€

* a work of fiction

**image courtesy

24 thoughts on “Me and my family

  1. Hearty congratulations on reaching this milestone.You should have highlighted it with a colorful graphic.I am sorry for being late in greeting you

    • Welcome to SS and I am so happy that u got here. Even more happier that u liked the post. I like to write in the first person. It si fun to imagine oneself in sopmeone else’s shoes and then write πŸ˜€

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