Random nothings

Not so long back passing time meant reading a book,

or a visit to a friend or just yell out of the window if she lived close by.

feeling hot meant sitting in the shade of tree.

Being hungry meant going out and plucking a fruit.

Going out meant selecting something to wear out of the countable options.

Today we chat online,

put on an A/c

Hungry means taking out food from refrigerator.

We try to make life simple by having a microwave, mobile, tablets, kindle

The virtual becomes our own, our own…distanced

Life is indeed easy or complicated.

Is it just me or you feel it too?

I fail to understand


The coming days are hectic and please forgive me if I do not follow your posts.

The coming days also bring a change….for the better, so please pray for us

20 thoughts on “Random nothings

  1. The advent of technology and the new devices in its wake has made life vastly different with many things easier and beneficial.I would not have known you but for these changes.I welcome the change.
    Best wishes as welcome changes take place though your posts would be missed.

    • Hmmmm, yes true. But I have seen people addicted to their blackberries and I pods and forget who is sitting beside them. Yes in some cases it has helped people to be busy by bringing people and information closer but the real people farther. I am not saying that earlier life was better, just that we are getting more dependent on gadgets and less on humans

  2. My prayers for you Bhagyashree and your family for whatever new territories that you wish to chart. In a way, I miss the old ways. In some ways, I love the new. Change is always difficult to digest. And too much of anything is bad. Use the gadgets, the social media and the internet to your benefit and you can only marvel in its wonder. Overdo it with addiction and all the evil will drown you. It is for us to strike the balance.

    • I love the comforts that I have now but I miss the emotions too. Like the status of Zephyr which u shared, whom are we really competing against. How many of us really know our neighbors? For that matter, how many of us really cook nowadays šŸ˜€

  3. I too feel the same..many times…not once…but aren’t these days comfortable in many ways than the olden ones?will surely pray for you in whatever you do…do take care and come back soon…Hope all goes well.

    • Yes Latha I am not saying that earlier it was better. Just that we are getting addicted to our comforts. oour fb friends may list in 100s bt real ones..you could count on your fingers.Thanks for your wishes Latha and no I am not going anywhere. Just taking a big step forward

  4. Wish you good luck in whatever you are going to do!

    Yes, visiting friends or relatives have reduced nowadays and even if we go, we have to announce our visit first, otherwise it is indecent. But in a way it is nice to know where our loved ones are all the time! Everything has got plus and minus points. Balancing them is in our hands.

    Take care.

  5. Bhagyashree,

    We got to pay price for enjoying luxuries provided by advancement of technology. But then these do make life little less complicated in many ways.

    Take care

  6. Praying for all the good things to happen in your life šŸ™‚ god bless and yes I miss the old little wonders.. which have become old now sadly..

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