I couldn’t sleep. The past few days had been hectic and so I had retired early. But sleep eluded me. Rather than tossing and turning and disturbing the better half, I took my laptop and went to the other room. I sat typing some gibberish but that too didn’t pacify me. I felt some other presence. Like I was not alone, some movement, some …well that I was not alone that someone else was there too.

I thought of running to the other room. But I knew that sharing my ‘feelings’ with Ravi would not help. He would just laugh at me and ask me to drink a glass of water. He was not wrong, I am prone to these feelings of presences.

So I moved to the balcony to get some fresh air and to clear my thoughts. But what do I see or rather hear. Mrs. Kalpesh my landlady is having a nice conversation with someone down in the balcony of her ground floor apartment.

I moved back inside not wishing to intrude her privacy. Paced a little and then finally sleep welcomed me with open arms. Ravi woke me up. Having our morning cuppa I told him about my nocturnal experiences. And he said ‘So what Kalpana, Mrs. Kalpesh may be around 47 and alone. If she befriends someone, so be it. Everyone needs a companion.’

I am also a curious cat apart from the software engineer tag that helps me earn a decent sum. So for the next couple of weeks if I woke anytime in the night, I would go and eavesdrop on what was happening below. The same continued. Mrs. Kalpesh and a male with a deep voice exchanging sweet nothings.

I was not feeling well one day and so took a half day and returned home. Met Mrs. Kalpesh on the way in who looked droopy eyed. ‘Not getting enough sleep’, she said. ‘I understand’, I said and grinned mischievously.

She observed my grin and after a couple of minutes said, ‘ So you saw him’.

I nodded a yes.

She looked at me, smiled and then said, ‘Kalpesh visits me daily you know and we exchange notes on what we did the whole day’.

14 thoughts on “Companion

  1. Very very good twist! Nice story! Ravi just said that she was single and not as ‘divorced’. That is the interesting part. If the hint was there, we might have guessed at least, say, 30%!

    • Yes when I said that she was alone 47and a Mrs. and in the beginning when i told about presences, hints were given. But then we like to read a simple story where there is not much to be understood.

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