Bittersweet moments

‘You remember, na, Aarushi’s teacher asked us to meet her at 11.30 a.m. today’, Neha said.

Pratik was silent.

Neha persisted. ‘You remember don’t you?’

“You don’t have to keep on reminding me. I am not a baby’, Pratik banged the door and left for office. Neha sighed. She never knew how to behave with him. If she had not reminded, he would have said, ‘you forgot to remind me’. How was she supposed to behave with this man?

She remembered her own father. Her father had been an exact opposite. Very gentle and …very docile. Anybody could fool him. Her mother had to be the aggressive half of the marriage. She remembered once her father had put in an advertisement in the local paper that he was selling off his old scooter.

There were many who came to have a look. One man in his 20s liked it a lot, said that he wanted to ride and check it. Her father obliged. The man sat on the scooter, started it and went; never to return. Her father kept waiting at the same place for 30 minutes. Until her mom came searching for him. ‘Couldn’t you sit on the pillion with him’, she yelled.

She remembered that for many days thereafter her father went to work on his battered cycle. Until one day her mother dragged him to the bank, got a loan and got him a Kinetic Honda.

Her friends always teased her saying that she had a female ‘Don’ at home. She smiled at those memories.

The phone rang, she picked up to hear Pratiks’s voice, ‘ Why didn’t you remind me to take my wallet?’ And then there was a click. She sighed, if she had reminded he would have said, ‘don’t I know?’

She called up her mom. After the initial talks she asked, ‘Mom all those years when you had to be the tough one, didn’t you miss being taken care of’

‘Oh everyday. But unlike the present age when you can think of changing everything including your partner, we thought of how to preserve whether it be an old furniture or a partner who didn’t measure up to your expectations’. And then ‘Why anything happened with Pratik?’

‘No, nothing,’ Neha said hastily.

‘Don’t be submissive always Neha, just give him a dose of his own medicine now and then’, her mother said.

Neha left for the meeting with Aarushis teacher. Normally she would have reminded Pratik again. That Day she did not.

Pratik forgot the meeting.

Evening when he came from office, Aarushi refused to speak to him, ‘Why is Aarushi not speaking to me?’

‘You forgot the meeting with her teacher’, Neha said.

‘oh no, but why did you not remind me’, were his words.

‘I did in the morning but didn’t you say that you remember and not to keep reminding as if you were a baby’.

Pratik looked the other way. Neha smirked. Sometimes revenge was good for the ego

* ficititious

26 thoughts on “Bittersweet moments

  1. Excellent story laced with humour and touch of realism.Such characters are aplenty and the mom’s advice is handy and apt..Keep writing more and more

  2. hehehehe great story & what a narrative…..

    U have so many lovely stories in you why don’t u write a book lady? I am telling you this very seriously!!!

  3. Very true … such a tendency is sometimes termed as narcissistic personality syndrome.. although a lot of other behaviourial patterns are also seen in addition to this…

  4. Nice one! Sometimes speaking in the same language as the other helps them realize πŸ˜€
    Oh and I liked how you put the *fictional down there! With some of my stories, people tend to assume it’s real even though I tag it as fiction! My first visit to your blog, won’t be my last πŸ™‚ Nice blog!

    • Thanks Deepa and welcome here.
      When I write stories in first person people assume it is my own story. So now I put fictitious in all my stories whether I write in first person or not

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