Closed Door

I tried to open the door. It was closed, tried pushing it but it didn’t budge and then panic stuck. Is it self-locked? Will he know how to open the lock? But then he is alert, he would have cried if the closed door didn’t open even when I pushed it. So it meant he had locked it deliberately.

‘Open’, I said

‘No’, he replied


‘I am angry with you that is why’.

I sighed. It was tit for tat. I do the same when I am angry with him. The situation was same only our positions were different.


I love writing 100 words. more than 55 word fiction. The latter I feel is like Headline News.

So when Corinne introduced it at Everyday Gyan, I was ecstatic.

100WordsOnSaturdayEverydayGyaan1 100 Words on Saturday 5

But then I was too busy to take part. 100 words is not exactly easy. Writing something which makes sense in just 100 words needs a ‘free’ mind and last couple of weeks I have hadn’t any – either free mind or time. Today I had both and so here is the entry. Today’s prompt is closed door.

Hope you all like it, it is one of the mother-son moments which I wanted to record for posterity.


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