कब आओगे

नित्या गए द्वार द्वार

कहे जागो जीव, जागो जीव

अंतरात्मा मुझसे  कहे

जागो जीव जागो जीव


और मै हू सोयी


लक्ष्य है सामने

पथ है निखर

और मै हू सोयी

जन्मभर .


कब आओगे मेरे पीया

ले जाओगे हाथ पकड़ ?



* Nityanand Prabhu was the closest associate of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

** Piya here refers to the Lord


10 thoughts on “कब आओगे

  1. Is that your creation Bhagya??
    liked it . But suddenly when you write Nithya and Chaithanya Mahaprabhu I gt confused. I don’t know if I have missed anything as I was away for quite sometime.

    • And what is the confusion about Chitra? Nityanand prabhu was Chaitanya mahaprabhu’s associate who used to go door to door trying to spread the name of the Lord. Are the doubts cleared now?
      And yes it is my creation

  2. I love that you wrote in Hindi. It’s sad that nowadays we are ashamed to write and speak in our national language.

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