I was born….

If I look 20 years back or so, nothing has happened in my life as planned. Whatever I envisaged for myself, has been lost in oblivion. What I didn’t dream of is now mine.

So am I upset about it? Not really. Where I am standing right now, doing whatever…. is what which gives me peace and happiness. Even when I thought I was charting my course I had felt a disquiet.

And then somewhere along the way I realized that I was born to follow HIS will. And then the restlessness was over. That point was the  beginning of pleasure.


The story of my life :). This goes to Everyday Gyan for Corinne’s; 100 words on Saturday, the prompt this week being I was born.

100WordsOnSaturdayEverydayGyaan1 100 Words On Saturday 6


20 thoughts on “I was born….

  1. Truly said.It is all His will.
    “Learning to live what you are born with is the process, the involvement ,the making of a life”
    Diane Wakoski

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