I have been busy. The workshop is on. Workshops are tough times, the preparations, conduct and the aftermath are all juggles.

Handling 25+  kids; making them comfortable, making them understand what will be going on, the nature of study, all requires a cool mind, some psychology of a child’s mind and a liberal amount of discipline too.  Act tough but be soft to their needs so that they learn and yet don’t slip away to chatter. Slowly mold them to make them better.

My role is Make A child Smile and Knowledgeable. Yes, that is my mask for this week.


And this goes to Corinnes‘ 100 on Saturday. I hope this post qualifies, I have tried to be ‘different’

The word this week “MASK”

100WordsOnSaturdayEverydayGyaan1 100 Words on Saturday 7

8 thoughts on “MASK

  1. Wish you all the best and may you shine on your creative urged. The 100 words seems to be flavor of the season:)


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