Simple Joys

When the mind is engaged and the senses are busy; everything becomes joyful

  • The sun is shining bright ( a tad too bright) but I am happy. It just means that my clothes will dry quicker
  • I have a horrible throat congestion coupled with some wheezing but I am happy. I may lose some weight, you see. 🙂
  • The son is messing around, splashing water all around the bathroom playing some imaginary game  but I do not say anything. I remember a time when we were lamenting to hear such sweet sounds.
  • One of the kids aged 5 read an entire story -the printout which I had given earlier in the Thursday class. My joy-boundless
  • It is sonny’s 6th birthday and I bake a cake and take to the workshop. But due to lack of time I am able to bake only one cake which will not be enough for all the 250 kids. By the time it is break time, I am on a guilt trip. I should have got up at 4 am baked another cake etc, etc. The cake is distributed to the junior batch. I avoid looking at the older ones. The break finishes- a girl comes running, hugs me and says the cake was yummy. And my guilt evaporates. I am happy that I could make at least some children happy

22 thoughts on “Simple Joys

  1. Very very sweet. If we just stop to think for a moment every time we have a reason to sulk about the positive side of things life would be a lot easier 🙂

    • Very true. If we think that this too shall pass, the tough times gets easier or else as you said in one of your posts that take problems as challenges. But then if times are not going smooth, its only natural to sulk 😛

  2. Nice and interesting post. sorry for being out of action..slowly getting up..hehhe..glad u sharing tit-bits of your life with us.

  3. Very wise dear! These things hit me when I see someone struggling with even less. How shameful of me! But it is true. We crib and crib and then find someone with a cheerful face making do with so much less. A nice reminder.

  4. Can identify with the first one only so far………The last one atleast the cake one is really sweet and i know the effort it takes to bake a good cake so one itself is great.

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