Fortune favors the brave

I have always been an outsider. When I was living in the North I didn’t fit in because I was basically a South Indian. When I came to the south, my accent classified me as a Northie.

Now when I walk into the office in my salwar, women/ ladies/girls look at me and snigger. No, I do not wear, trouser/ jeans. I am happy in my salwars or saris. It is my work that should matter right? But then in metropolises nowadays, it is more of being hep.

And I am a plain Jane.

My boss is a terror. he makes me work and rework. I hate him really. But then I am not getting any other job too. My ‘looks’ they don’t allow me to get another job.

So HE (the boss) screams at me, I listen. ( When I leave his room, I bang the door and make my displeasure shown). when there is a deadline I give him the report 10 minutes late so that he is at the edge of his seat in worry that we will fail to meet the deadline and the client will shift to some other rival. So I think you now understand that I do TAKE my revenge.

And I do that because I know that I never will be promoted, no never with THAT man around. The only hope is that I move to another city or start my own enterprise. The chances of both are remote.

But then just now I have got the news that I have been made the team leader for a new project. WHY? Surely that man has recommended me, without his reco, this would not have been possible. But other than that will I be able to do this job? I know I can but will this plain Jane be able to handle a team of 10. Curiosity kills, isn’t it? And so I walk down to his chamber. He hears me and says, ‘Yes, I recommended you. Because I think you are capable of it?’

Eyebrows raised I say, ‘ME?’

‘Yes, you’, and with slight discomfort says, ‘ You are perfect in your work, so why not?’

Still in shock I say, ‘But can I handle those people’.

And with a smile he says, ‘When you have handled me you can handle ten others too’.

When I go out, I close the door gently. That man is a tyrant, no doubt but his heart and his brain, both are in the correct position.




10 thoughts on “Fortune favors the brave

  1. such kind of things happen in so many organisations. It is maniac mindset and sometimes it’s better we do our job and prove ourselves. A beautiful and well etched not-so-fiction that is prevalent in many places. It can turn the work atmosphere dull and de-motivating.
    Cheers Bhagayashree n well done.

  2. though its fiction,during recession time,most of companies sack bosses only for incompetency and to save money by getting rid of 48lakh per annum like ctc.he was just professional and apt.lady in salwar misunderstood him.

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