Safety, what is that?

In an age where in parents have to work to sustain the family

kids stay indoors; for no one takes them out to play.

Standing, nose pressed to window grills

they watch the world pass by.


Some where else kids do play

in the belief that all is fine.

Parents do watch out for them

every now and then.


And some where a lurker moves

a lurker who has abandoned his moralities,

and let its demoniac qualities surface

and drowned all its goodness.


The lurker moves

and eyes the one at home

and the one out

And all peace is gone.


Safety, what is that?

10 thoughts on “Safety, what is that?

  1. Pretty cannot be always with escort at the school,the play ground,on the way home or school or in the play area within a complex.These maniacs come in all forms,young and old.Laws are no insurance from attack.An easy answer is not in sight.

  2. Oh Bhagya! it scares me every time I think about that little girl. Hopelessness. We have to look inside to seek the answers… what are we doing wrong that the society is going to perverts.

    • I am disgusted Jas. We blame the government, administration etc but the facts is we have failed as humans. Evidently our morals have gone down, we have failed to instill the right values in our children.

  3. It is so ashamed how kids are being easy prey of demons. I mean who touches kids? The biggest culprit is the government with their piece meal legislations and till laws are not implemented, the problem will not be stopped. It is a dangerous world.

    • Is time we try to improve ourselves and those along with us and stop blaming others Vishal. I understand that laws are necessary but it is time we take a reality check

  4. Day by day, I am losing faith, trust in everyone around me. I am scared to trust even my closest of family members…sick to the stomach..My heart bleeds for the little girl whenever I see my daughter 😦

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