Little steps…..Giant Leap

I have been struggling to better myself. Trying to control the temper which frays all too often, the face which even without words expresses the inner turmoil, the heart which withers when things do not go its way.

And so in the beginning of May I thought of working stead fast on five ‘points’. Five areas which I need to work on to make myself better.


It is not easy to smile when you have a face which mirrors everything what you feel. Time and again my mother reminds me that it is not good to be so transparent. People take advantage, you see. And then who likes to see a sad face or an angry one for that matter. So the whole month I have tried to be smiling. and wonder of wonders a smile does melt away worries and pain


The second issue that I needed to work upon was ‘not to mind’. The world will not always work at your call. Things may not  happen as planned. Some one may be rude to you. DO NOT MIND. I have to keep on reminding myself.  I also noticed that sometimes we think too much of ourselves and expect that others will do so too. But the fact is I am one amongst the crowd and not someone special. Ahh…. that knowledge did burst the bubble and my ego did come down a few notches.  When that realization came through, I stopped feeling bad at others behaviur.


The next in line was being humble. When I discovered that I was not great, I automatically came in line for some humility. Being humble also means accepting others as they are with their weaknesses and strength. It also bridges gaps and build relationships.


As a part of my spiritual growth, I need to read … a lot but generally the reading finishes with reading posts but no this May I strived to read some more. A little bit every day. Even if the reading is scattered over a whole range of topics, I read and I expressed. That is a victory. I am slowly coming out of my cocoon and learning to put my thought across in a group. Expressing means putting out ideas which means a new dimension in understanding. Very often we understand more when we put our ideas, thoughts across.


It is essential to see the lighter side of things otherwise life becomes a drab. Especially in spiritual topics I have seen that speakers who infuse humor in their talks are able to reach out more. The attendance for their lectures are more and the listeners too are able to understand better.

  •  I have tried to be happy, smiling, humorous, studious and humble this whole month. And though I have been successful ‘outside’. I have found that I have failed miserably at home. I guess I have to keep this exercise on for the coming weeks till these five become a part of my life.


This exercise has been done as a part of Indiblogeshwaris first birthday. Blogwati Gee had this brilliant idea to do in May something/s which had been in our bucket list and named it ‘The Elusive One‘. Thank you Blogwati Gee for this awesome exercise.

Indiblogeshwaris is a blogger group of women in facebook. A group which gives wonderful support and encouragement to its membersCover PhotoThank you Indiblogeshwaris 🙂 for lifting spirits, bringing smiles.

This wonderful header has been designed by Garima Obrah.

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49 thoughts on “Little steps…..Giant Leap

  1. So glad that you took the big leap with small steps. Hope you keep at it. Wish you luck and Happy birthday to the vibrant group of lovely ladies!

  2. That is one of the very good posts I read recently in the blogs I read.Only one point I wish to mention.The status of the person has nothing to do with humility.Even a king and an ordinary farmer can be humble in their ways.

  3. Superb way to self analysis and ofcourse some important steps towards self development!

    Glad to have met you through this 🙂

  4. Last month I thought of reading quite a few books but never got around to doing it. Aah, the Internet has taken over my life. Have to do something about it. Maybe this can be something I can take up next year i.e. live without Internet for a month if the same challenge comes up 🙂

    • Hey so glad to see ur comment Dhanya. I was about to get upset that no one saw my post 😉
      Yes living without internet, can be tough. I quit every year for a month and a half when I am on vacation. he he

  5. Those are great steps that you have taken, Bhagyashree and I’m sure you’re aleady feeling very good about yourself now!

    Stay happy, keep smiling, keep reading, keep the humour in your life kicking, stay humble as always..

    Take care 🙂

  6. Surprisingly when I read through this post, I realised that I went through the same transformation. It is great on the other side (just made it through now). Believe me. Now my face reflects my feelings too, but self improvement has converted those feelings into happier ones.

    All the best dear. And happy birthday to us. 🙂

  7. Actually its good to be transparent, its good to be straightforward. One of my uncles once said, this world is like a mirror, it brings to you what you are inside. If you’re devious, you meet crooked people and if you are straight and true, you never meet the wicked. Keep smiling 🙂

    • I have found out that straightforward is okay , transparent is not. People take advantage. My feelings are my own, there is no need for anyone else to know about it. But then that is my opinion 🙂
      Thanks for the comment Ritu.

  8. All of them super important for life! But the one thing that gets me through is humour………by default. Cultivate it, you will never be alone. Thank you for trying this so diligently. Some day you will be there. Till then smell the flowers along the way.

  9. How we miss out on life’s small lessons while the answers are always just around the corner. We sulk and curse for reasons that could easily be solved if we change our perception.

    Great post Bhagyashree. I’m going to follow these too 🙂

  10. Loved your gentle , self depreciating humor . Am glad that you were able to learn many things and I really really hope , this comment stays 🙂

  11. I need to show this post to someone in my home…hope you got it by now 😛 …’S’ shows his feelings so much…I keep telling, not to..:) And also, isn’t this post a big longer than your usual ones? 🙂 Good one, Bhagya

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