Kavita was very happy. Today she was going for the dinner buffet at the Ramada. Her maid was on leave for the past one week and she was in no mood to do the dishes. Also she had heard that the buffet at Ramada was good.

So she decked up and waited anxiously for her husband Ravi. Now Ravi doesn’t like to eat out. Whether it is because she cooks better or because he doesn’t want to spend on exorbitant prices at Restaurants, she has not been able to understand even after their 10 years of marriage.

And so she awaits his arrival. As soon as he arrives, he looks at her, sighs, freshens up and sees that she has kept his suit ready which normally she never does.

And so they leave.

Looking at the miles long buffet table, Kavita shudders. Her appetite vanishes.And she has visions of what is going to happen later.

They start with the starters. And though she is happy with the hara bhara kabab. Ravi has piled his plate high with varieties of veg and non veg starters.

And then it is main course. She nibbles, he eats.

The dessert, she skips, he gorges.

And then she leaves the place, he waddles.

And then he burps every now and then in the car. Looking at her disgusted look, he says ‘Gas’ and shrugs.

Once they reach home, she changes and then goes to the kitchen.

Comes later and gives a glass to her husband, ‘kadha’Β  she says and prepares herself for a long, long night.

* Kadha- kasaya, a home ready to ease indigestion, cold, cough etc

** image source- Google images

12 thoughts on “Glutton

  1. am fond of home food and i feel eating place should be simple.when i went to marriott,lots of dining etiquette and table manners made me uncomfortable.i came out with half-filled stomach.thing is i din’t know what to eat coz i dunno most of dishes and my everyday diet is simple south indian food with chapathis,sabzi and rice.i don’t understand,why indian food is presented in western way. from childhood we were taught how to eat with hands and just with right hand without spilling food beyond your plate.why do we need napkins on lap.all the cautions and etiquette will kill appetite at high end restaurants.

    • πŸ™‚ What you say is true. I never go to posh restaurants and in fact have stopped eating out altoghether πŸ™‚ But then now with a shrunken world learning some etiquette is necessary so that at a meet with clients/foreign dignitaries one is not out of place.

  2. I would have told the husband, overeat kiya ab raat bhar jaago. Don’t expect me to stay up after you :). I tell you these wives, they just pamper their husbands too much.

  3. hahaha…happens many times…we want to eat out, go hungry and don’t eat anything well and the story of the hubby too repeats..:P

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