Beautiful eyes

Those eyes... those big eyes like lotus blooming in a pond, could drive anyone crazy.

I fell for her. We could spend hours. Me gazing at her eyes. She amused at my gaze.

Her eyes spoke. Of love, of lust, of need. She moved in and I would be with her every second, to see her yawn and see the eyes getting narrow. To see herΒ open her beautiful eyes in the morning . To see her teary eyed, to see her eyes laugh.

And then I woke up one day to see her gone with every single possession of mine.


As part of 100 words on Saturday.

100 Words On Saturday

42 thoughts on “Beautiful eyes

  1. we had a poem in cbse english textbook called la belle dame sans merci on similar grounds by keats.
    instantly one gets attracted to physical fond of pretty and wise girls.but we hardly find pretty and wise(good) woman.pretty girls are so demanding and have high expectations beyond moral grounds which makes them unwise or bad.did ya ever see a wise and pretty woman in real life?

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