For a cup of coffee

ccd cafe latteSandhya loves coffee. At home she drinks filter coffee. No she is not a south Indian but she likes filter coffee. Her ex- neighbor got her used to it and from then on she makes it at home. There is something mesmerizing about mornings with coffee in one hand and the newspaper on the other. It gives the energy for the day.

Sandhya is a single mother of two kids. She earns reasonably well at the place she works. And yet she yearns for the coffee at Cafe Coffee Day(CCD). You may ask why. Because every month after paying off the home loan, the school fees, the insurance premium, the RD which she has kept for her kids higher education, she doesn’t have much left. Now and then yes she has to buy clothes for her kids who outgrow theirs; oh, so soon and for herself ( have to keep up with appearances at work, isn’t it?). She feels guilty to spend whatever teeny bit is left on her coffee.

She looks at her kids and feels happy. Happy that they don’t bother that much about money. They ask what they need, if they don’t get it they see to it that they get. She never had that luxury. She never could ask her teacher father or her husband nor she could think of spending on herself now.

‘Maa life is not just about fulfilling your responsibilities, it’s about LIVING’, her teenage daughter says. It means that fulfill your desires don’t kill them. Sandhya likes that statement and starts saving. A rupee there a 5 rupee coin there. So at the end of the month she will go over to CCD, and drink a Latte or a Mocha or a Cappuccino or something like that. She has just had instant coffee or filter coffee or the expresso sold at the Railway stations. She has never had a ‘fancy’ coffee ever before and so she dreams of going over stylishly in a saree, sit by the large windows and have a coffee. Ahh such luxury.

And so Sandhya has accumulated almost Rs 150 which may be enough for a coffee and maybe some nibbles and she is mighty pleased. Today will be the day. Before leaving for the office she tells her children, she will be late.

At office Nirmala the cleaning lady is sullen. ‘What happened’, Sandhya asks. ‘He came yesterday’, she says and gets quiet. Sandhya knows, he means her husband, ‘So?’ she asks.

‘I did not allow him inside but he barged in, beat me and took all the money around the house. Now my Nimmo will not be able to give her exams, the wretched took her exam fees too’, she cries.



Sandhya has returned home in her usual time. No her CCD date has not  arrived yet. The 150 Rs she had saved for it has all been given off for Nimmo’s fees.


Image courtesy: Cafe Coffee Day



22 thoughts on “For a cup of coffee

  1. beautiful story, Bhagyashree. One point: sometimes we need to make the self happy and while Sandhya is sacrificing for kids, it is important to treat herself coz she deserve it. btw, I love the CCD mug pic:)
    Have an awesome day

  2. though its fiction,i don’t see logic or rational behavior in sandhya’s story.people who pay insurance premium,home loans can’t afford CCD?coffee at ccd is between 70 to 120 rupees.if you are fond of cappuccino or any other coffee,one can get instant mix at any premium super markets at lesser price than ccd that can serve whole family.

    when it comes to giving away her savings to a wife of drunkard?in our school civics text books, we were taught not to encourage beggary coz to make a nation prosperous, one needs discipline in one’s behavior.if drunkard’s wife is so caring for her kid’s education,why she din’t confront her drunkard husband and put him in jail for harassing ?and if she is lenient towards her husband and wants money from a responsible woman’s savings,its faulty or selfish behavior of drunkard’s wife.we should not encourage such poor people coz its against ethics and human morals.

    moral is ,when we help people,we should see whether the person is morally right.if we want to just help people at any cost out of sympathy,it will lead to undisciplined/unhealthy society.

    well bhagya,i speak my mind.i don’t have any grudge on you.

  3. Vice nice story thanks for sharing this. This is the plight of common people, they struggle a lot to earn few moments of luxury to find solace in otherwise tough life with all the hurdles and responsibilities. However its good that in this story the women still have the aspect of human emotions like pity and love. Tough life can make people ruthless, i have experienced it myself.

  4. The lady reminded me of myself…not that I sacrifice or give up mu coffeee it is just that I love CCD Coffee too much!!!

    But loved the beautiful story!

  5. wow..!!!
    Wonderfully written , what a story u said..
    it reminded me of my college days when i use to save my pocket money or use to cut down my shopping so that i can enjoy CCD coffee..!!!!

  6. Another beautiful story. I would have done the same thing in her place…but, her daughter is right..sometimes, you need to live your live..with those many responsibilities she is having, it’s not easy, but once in a while, won’t harm..

  7. It was really a touching story. I love all your stories. After a long time I got sometime to browse. It shows how women are responsible more than men. They are well organised in all ways. Sandhya & Nirmala were two contrasts of educated & uneducated backgrounds. So their lifestyle also differs.
    Reema you are doing an excellent job. Keep going.

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